January 4th, 2010

The Dodos
Time to Die
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: January 4th, 2010

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'Fables' and 'Troll Nocht'

Let's cut the bullshit Jeff. Think about what you really, honestly, like instrumentally in music. Well, Jeff. I really like fast, intricate finger picking acoustic guitar. And heavy, heavy, driving, thick, bassy and interesting drum beats. But nothing too crazy! I also like intelligent pop music. And...electric...xylophone? There you have it, thats the new Dodos record. Somehow they managed to get the random handful of things I really enjoy instrumentally and put them together to make a great record. It's really good. Trust me.

Their previous album from 2007, Visiter, broke them into the indie scene. That album was intentionally dirty and un-produced, but it still sounded both simple and complex and was awesome. Time To Die is actually a lot better overall than Visiter I believe, but it's also much more focused and produced. Some people didn't like that change they made to be more digestible and radio ready. I didn't fucking care.

Their lyrics are simple but intelligent. I also can't help but relate to them very easily. They range from topics of love ('Troll Nacht') and solitude ('Acorn Factory') to their beloved hatred ('Fables') for corporations ('Longform'). I love it when bands are contradicting to themselves. It's a simple record, but its complex. It's got enough bass to blow out your car speakers, but its also an acoustic pop record. Spanish finger guitar picking. Electric Xylophone. It all doesn't really make sense but it works and it rocks. And rocks. It's a great record and I think you just might agree.




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