January 4th, 2010

Ra Ra Riot
The Rhumb Line
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: January 4th, 2010
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When I try describing a particular band to a friend, I will often find myself comparing it to other bands that I feel share a similar sound, and why not. There's a reason that critics constantly try to group bands into a particular genre along with the decade that they represent. I personally find a lot of new music by looking on Amazon.com to see what other albums are related to the albums I already know and like. With that said, I'm going to describe Ra Ra Riot as a faster, edgier version of Vampire Weekend. Only these boys aren't Ivy League. The group actually came out of Syracuse University and you can hear the frat party influence. The group brings together a perfect balance of symphonic melodies, catchy lyrics, and bouncy guitar riffs. The group also isn't afraid to experiment, which is apparent in the song 'too too too fast' whose heavy use of synthesizers will take you back about 30 years. You might notice the album exhibits a bit of a soulful presence. This would be the result of the tragic death of their original drummer back in 2007 and the decision for the band to move forward; a perfect example of finding beauty among tragedy.



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