January 4th, 2010

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
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: January 4th, 2010

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'Liztomania' and
'Love Like a Sunset Parts I and II'

All right, I'm going to be that guy. I hate to do it, but I've got to. I've loved Phoenix for a handful of years now. Before this recent mainstream explosion they've enjoyed. If you don't believe me, refer back to my 'Best of' list of 2006. Ok, I don't expect you to do that, but Phoenix was #1 with their last release, It's Never Been Like That. That album was also beyond incredible, just like Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is (which also now holds the funniest album title).

They have just started to make it big now, going from the band too few people knew of, to being the latest club and indie sensation. Shit, their songs are now part of the Cadillac commercial campaign. Still, this is the one and only album of the year EVERY time I put it on and someone was listening to it with me, they would respond... 'Who is this? This is really good.'

It really is that good. I've never ever seen a reaction so universal to an artist like that before. They kick off the album with an ode to the 80's with 'Liztomania'. They've got songs to rival Daft Punk. '1901' is easily the best pop song of the year. It's also the catchiest song of the year. It's so effortlessly creative and danceable. Synths that explode and build like you're on ten tons of ecstasy at a rave or some shit. They've got a post-rock shoe-gaze anthem that blends into one of (my favorite) the most beautiful songs of the year (Love Like a Sunset Part I and II.) 'Love Like a Sunset' starts small and builds instrument by instrument through a driving dance beat into a post-rock like epic build. Then it all disappears after seven minutes. Then it comes back in so beautifully finally with vocals as well. If you were to visualize it, it's literally like taking the blanket off the night and waking up to the greatest morning ever. It's tough to do that musically but Phoenix nailed it. You gotta hear it to believe it though.

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix has got songs that rock, and songs that simply make you tap your foot or bob your head. Most of all, they are songs that are easy to like. Half the time I can't tell if the instrument is the cleanest guitar I've ever heard or the cleanest synth I've ever heard. Either way, its a totally unique sound that only Phoenix owns and they've been perfecting it these past few years. It's pristine. Everything is so carefully and perfectly constructed it makes me feel like I'm going to melt every time I listen. It's perfect. It's the knowledge that they could throw the whole paint bucket at you but they just keep teasing you with light touches of genius over and over again.

Phoenix have finally positioned themselves to be the 'next big thing.' Each song is unique, it's own feel, it's own perfect character. Ten songs of pure bliss. While my #1 album of this year happens to be ten songs pure devastation, Phoenix is the perfect counteraction to that with nothing other than happy musical bliss. This was the first great album I heard this year and I knew it would stay at the top of my list all year and it did. There is no other album I could so highly recommend as this one, to anyone. Buy it if you haven't already!




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