January 4th, 2010

The World I Want to Leave Behind
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: January 4th, 2010
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This is not your high school Moneen. They have been known for some of the most energetic live shows a human being could ever witness. They would be diving across the stage, rolling on the floor, throwing guitars. It was always a blur of gritty rock and roll passion. They have become known for fast, intricate guitar parts, shouting choruses while staying deep in meaning with the lyrics but nothing too puzzling. I heard this new album was going to be 'slower', and got scared as to what the fuck they were going to be doing. I don't really know what people were talking about, because this is still an incredibly energetic and upbeat album. They just...grew up some. It's noticeable and welcome on this record. It's almost become a motivational album it's so positive in lyrics and intent. It still fucking rocks too.

The World I Want To Leave Behind is essentially a self-help book put to music. 'Believe' is heavy, happy, hopeful and dynamic. Loud, quiet, diverse parts not seen or heard before on Moneen albums. Still poppy, still catchy, still anthemic with all the 'whooahhhh's that can be heard throughout the album.

'Great Escape' is probably the most similar to songs off of previous Moneen albums. Intricate guitar parts, hoppy and catchy choruses, filled with rich, thick, guitar parts. Featuring the lyrics:

'Blame it on the freedom, blame it on the chance, your way out. Blame it on excuses, blame it on the fact, your way out. Don't ask why, blame it on the way out, don't ask why. What are you searching for what are you waiting for tell me what are you living for today?'

Nothing revolutionary. But definitely evolutionary from previous Moneen. If you are a fan of their previous works, you might have been scared of the 'new' Moneen sound. But if you were a fan you will remain a fan after hearing The World I Want To Leave Behind.




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