January 4th, 2010

Sci-fi Crimes
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: January 4th, 2010
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After Chevelles previous release, Vena Sera, I had low expectations of what version of Chevelle I would be listening to.  Would it be the alternative rock hit machine that released two chart topping albums, or the easily forgettable sounds of 2007's Vena Sera. The answer can be found by listening to Sci- Fi Crimes.  The album is return to form for the Midwest trio, with a solid compilation of 11 tracks that can be cranked through in just over 40 minutes without needing to skip a track.  The standout track 'Letter From a Thief', is what drew my interest to this album in the first place.  The song has great replay value, and has charted the band a hit single on the Billboard Rock charts. I would not be surprised if the single gains more national airplay in the coming weeks.  Another standout song on the album, 'Jars', sounds like it was taken right off of This Type of Thinking (Could do us in), and features lead singer Pete Loefflers catchy vocal growls, and the thick base filled Chevelle sound.  Sci- Fi Crimes is a very enjoyable album with solid replay value, and is definitely worth checking out for any alternative music fan. 



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