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  State Radio recruits more crows with their new album Let It Go

State Radio, the outspoken band from Boston, is back up on the soap box again with their latest album, Let It Go. This time, more than ever before, the band blurs the line between political outcry and catchy music. 

Led by singer Chad Stokes, the 'alternative' rock band brings many different elements to its sound.  Stokes was the former lead singer of the ultra-mega underground group Dispatch and after its breakup, joined bassist Chuck Fay to form State Radio.  Stokes had then met Mike 'Mad Dog' Najarian (drums) while Mad Dog was drumming a bucket outside of Fenway Park.  The trio instantly found a common ground not only through their style of music, but also for their passion for socio-political change. 

The group's sound can be described as a mesh of roots, reggae, ska, punk, and rock; while the lyrics can be described as well, let's say, having a purpose. While Chad's lyrics are heavily influenced with socio-political messages, very seldom will you ever hear a political rant during one of State Radio's shows.  Instead, the band chooses to let the music communicate their message and by also setting an example through their off stage activities.

During their sold out, 25-city tour last February, and throughout the rest of 2009, the band performed service projects in every town they visited. In order to provide a similar outlet for their fans, the group started Calling All Crows, an organization dedicated to mobilizing musicians and fans to promote human rights.  The number of causes that the group is involved seems to cover the entire spectrum, having recently spoken up against the violence towards women in Sudan, protesting Troy Davis' right to a fair trial, and supporting organizations dedicated to adults with disabilities.  At times it can be hard to distinguish whether State Radio is a band that does service projects or a service group that plays music.

The group is currently wrapping up the first leg of their tour in Europe and will be joining John Butler Trio on stage for the second leg of the tour starting in May.  Be sure to check out State Radio's website to see when they'll be playing a show near you as well as Noon Radio's interview section for an exclusive sit down with Chad Stokes. /


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